Hello, I’m John Mekrut, owner of The Balanced Brain Neurofeedback Training Center.

Your brain is amazing!

An ever changing, dynamic organ, pulsating with electricity as billions of neurons connect with each other in the incredibly complex rhythms of life. Neuroplasticity, the ability of your brain to organize and reorganize itself continuously, is the foundation of your brains success at learning, but it needs proper information to guide it.

That’s what neurofeedback provides. Specific, real time information on what it is doing, how well it is regulating itself, how it is communicating with itself, how accurately it is analyzing the vast amounts of data coming its way. For optimal function your brain just needs to know, to see the patterns that are useful to good function and to ignore the ones that are not.

Utilizing proven technology, I will design an individual program that reveals and promotes the better function you desire.


I utilize the Othmer Method of Infra Low Frequency neurofeedback, the most holistic approach to self regulation training available today. To use an ocean metaphor, others may train the waves, we train the tides of brain function, the core self-regulation capabilities of your brain.


I received my initial training at the world famous EEG Institute in Los Angeles under the expert guidance of Drs. Sue and Siegfried Othmer, pioneers in the EEG field and inventors of this technology and attend continuing education courses regularly. They have my eternal gratitude.

What is Infra Low Frequency training and how does it work?


Neurofeedback has been around for decades but only recently has it left the universities and research labs. The advent of the personal computer has allowed clinicians to provide it in an office setting. The Othmers, after whom the technique I use is named, discovered that deep within your brain are self regulation networks which communicate at extremely low frequencies. They manage the second by second stability and flexibility of your brain, the platform which determines your reactions to the outside world.  If those networks are not functioning well, you will exhibit the symptoms of that disregulation– sleepless nights, anxiety and depression, migraines, impulsivity, compulsivity, and far more.

What neurofeedback does is simply provide instantaneous feedback to your brain on its current fluctuations so that it can make the necessary adjustments for its own best performance.  That is exactly how it is evolutionarily designed, it just needs good information. My equipment does exactly that.

Your job as a client is to merely allow your brain to witness it’s movements

and make the course corrections toward better function.



I am deeply honored to be listed in the Notable Mention category of the TransTech200 awards for 2016.  This is a recognition by the Transformative Technology community of my ongoing support and interest in the fundamental work of transforming the human condition. I am very grateful to be associated with the thought leaders in this effort.

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“Neurofeedback is akin to an accelerated form of meditation practice and I’m exploring various protocols with John to continue to be more present, engaged and connected in the world.”

Tap M.


“Neurofeedback is a gift. John is a gift. The experience is a gift.”

Tracy C.


“It seems to me like brain training taught me what it feels like to do one thing at once. I didn’t even know how that felt for a while there — in times of great stress, my brain just plain forgets how. Doing neurofeedback therapy with John showed my brain how to find the zone & stay in it.”

Meghan P.

“If you’re at the end of your rope I definitely recommend The Balanced Brain, it will help you take your life back.”

Al S.


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