You and Improved!


Life is a journey…where do you want to go?

Here at The Balanced Brain we employ various neurofeedback and biofeedback techniques to enhance your performance.  We are also strong believers in an integrative, holistic approach to brain health, which doesn’t happen without addressing all areas of a clients life. We ask pertinent questions about diet, sleep habits, personal and spiritual life integration and the like.  When necessary we refer to other practitioners for their expertise in assisting you in achieving your goals.

As the source of your fleeting thoughts and emotions, your brain can seem like a non-tangible “space” within your physical body. But your brain is actually a very physical bio-machine that can be trained for targeted, measurable improvement — just like working out your body in the gym!

Improve your performance — from any starting point.

You might be dealing with migraines or insomnia, depression and anxiety, or ADD/ADHD or other learning challenge. Or you may feel just fine, but want to kick into a higher gear and optimize your overall life performance. Wherever you are, we can train your brain to do better. Much better.

A personal trainer for your brain.

Training programs here at The Balanced Brain build new neural pathways and increase blood flow to specific regions that need it, physically rewiring your brain to transform the way you think, feel, and experience the world. 

A custom plan for you.

We’ll meet with you and evaluate your personal needs to design a customized Balanced Brain neurofeedback program, tailor-made for your unique brain. It’s friendly, easy and fun. Call or email us today, and start on the road to your new life!

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