A few words about my packages.  Neurofeedback training is predicated on the regularity and frequency of training.  Like learning anything, repetition in a timely fashion is vital, if you want an excellent forehand tennis shot, you have to practice it many times before it becomes second nature. My packages are designed to give maximum flexibility to you in planning your training program.  The introductory package is a minimum number I require to start, and if a noticeable shift does not happen, neurofeedback may not be right for you at this time. 15 sessions is rarely the end of the story and most people go on to 30-40 sessions to promote better regulation which will be retained permanently!


Introductory Package

15 Sessions – $2250

This package has a lot of flexibility, You can come five days a week for three weeks, three times a week for five weeks, twice a week for seven plus weeks.  You can also come more or less often, depending on your schedule, as long as you come a minimum of twice a week.

Impact Package

30 Sessions – $4000

This larger package will result in a greater cumulative effect of training and increased solidification of the better performance.  Twice a week for 15 weeks, three times per week for 10 weeks, you get the idea.



Monthly Immersive Package

40 Sessions – $5000

If you have 4 weeks to dedicate, this is a comprehensive strategy for training. Come twice a day, five days a week for four weeks in the morning and afternoon, or do two sessions in a row!

Monique B recently completed this experience.

“What a godsend! I did the one month immersion, and it was truly transformative. I used to have endless tortuous thoughts and inner battles in my head, that I felt completely powerless over. I also felt powerless over my compulsive behaviors. After doing the Neurofeedback, I don’t feel like I’m constantly battling anymore. I feel like I have a conscious choice regarding my behaviors. I have my power back. This is the freedom I have been seeking!”