You’ve come to The Balanced Brain because you’re challenged by sleep problems, migraines, anxiety or ADD. Perhaps you’re depressed, or filled with uncontrollable rage. Possibly there is a history of trauma in your life, sometimes going back to your youth. There’s a long list of symptoms we’re very familiar with. Neurofeedback can be very helpful in minimizing or eliminating these issues and get you off the medications you may be taking to cover them up.. It just takes some time, these problems didn’t usually develop overnight, they are the result of the buffeting we all get from life and your brain has done it’s level best to make sense of it all. However it is operating with very limited information (it is after all sitting in the dark inside your skull) and, until now, has had no way of seeing its own reactivity displayed, That’s where neurofeedback training plays a vital role, giving your brain the cues it needs to change itself.

We have several technologies available to us and after a careful intake we will customize a plan that’s best for you and your goals. We may combine technologies, if that will propel your improvements more rapidly.

The training is incremental and cumulative and requires coming regularly, as frequently as your schedule will allow. Since your brain is a dynamic system, constantly seeking out knowledge about itself, the more salient the information is and the more it can get of it, is what propels the changes you desire.  In short, more is better.

Over the course of the succeeding weeks, the constantly repeated observations of your shifting brain waves allows your brain to gain mastery over its process, to better manage itself, to gain self regulation.  Impossible to access by thoughts or will power, uncontrollable by medications, these networks provide the platform upon which your cognitive self is built. You will see a gradual and noticeable reduction in your symptoms (often to extinction) and at some point you will tell us you are satisfied with your brains new performance.  You’re done, the results are permanent!

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