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Do you have chronic pain?

“Pain is 100% produced by the brain” says Dr. Adriaan Louw, PT, in a recent article. For chronic pain, the medical community is beginning to embrace the concept of “top down” pain management, “top down” meaning that pain, because it is completely produced in the brain can be relieved by brain training. As I have posted on my Facebook page, 2,000 years ago Plato observed, “If you want to heal the body you must first heal the mind”. A person’s perceptions can be altered by interventions like neurofeedback to change the patients reaction to chronic pain and make it manageable. The “bottom-up” approach of taking powerful drugs, with their side effects, is now becoming a less desirable option.

From low back pain to migraines
“…changing people’s thought processes of why they experience pain, i.e., explaining low back pain is more likely due to extra-sensitive nerves than a bad disc, lessens the perceived threat to their brain. As a result, the brain produces less pain to protect, allowing improved movement, function and quality of life,” says Dr. Louw.

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Neurofeedback in Los Angeles

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