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Neurofeedback Training Reviews

Read our clients’ latest success stories here in the Balanced Brain Neurofeedback Center.


A few years ago, I was struggling with severe depression and my antidepressants were no longer working. I was desperate for help. When I first heard about neurofeedback, the idea of making changes to my brain sounded scary, but I was at the point where I was willing to try anything.

I am so glad that I found John Mekrut and his team. They are kind, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions–even the silly ones. Thanks to neurofeedback, I am now much less depressed and successfully weaning myself off of antidepressants. 

Neurofeedback treatments at The Balanced Brain have lowered my anxiety, improved my ability to focus, and made it easier for me to take good care of myself. Now, even when life is stressful, I feel resilient and have a sense that I will make it through.

I highly recommend The Balanced Brain to anyone coping with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other mental health issues. This place has been life-changing for me.

Lisa B. 


Give him 10 stars, John deserves ’em.

ADHD does not need to be medicated – you can train the brain to focus on what matters and disregard the rest.  My 7 year old went from distracted and disruptive to a focused and intent learner with normal classroom behavior.

Teachers, friends and family have noticed the changes in my awesome little man and I’m so happy I gave neurofeedback a shot before buying into drug therapy. No side effects, no life-long prescriptions, his brain is actually becoming stronger every session.

Jules F. 


This is a great place to go for neurofeedback and John is a super clinician with a great worldview and a lot of experience. I have nothing but good things to say about going there and would gladly recommend his services.

Miguel D. 


The Neuro feedback has helped me sleep so well that I can complete dreams and remember them. Very therapeutic. cures restless nights. truly amazing. John Mekrut is a kind insightful person who genuinely cares and shares his knowledge to help facilitate your healing.

Johnny T.


Try Neurofeedback! We’ve had a wonderful experience working with John, my son for attention and focus issues, and me with anxiety and PTSD. Highly recommended!

Karen D.


My experience with Neurofeedback, at The Balanced Brain, has been wonderful. Unlike traditional biofeedback, this didn’t require any effort on my part. This was a big plus, as I would have found that stressful!. During the ILF (low frequency) sessions, I got to relax and watch movies, choosing from John’s comprehensive titles. 

During the deep state sessions, I listened to soothing sounds and gongs, and went into deep relaxation and transcendent states. I did the one month immersion, and am so glad I did. My emotional state is more balanced, and what used to feel like uncontrollable compulsions, feel like choices I can make myself now. And John is so lovely to work with, making sure his clients are as comfortable as possible during the process. He is very supportive and encouraging, which makes the experience that much better.

Monique B.


“Cleared the floor so I can do my dance”

The Balanced Brain team is the best!

I was thinking to myself “What the heck is neurofeedback??” That is, until I ran out of options and took the leap to try it for my panic attacks and anxiety. 

As I moved through the process it was hard to understand what it was doing but there was a growing calmness instead of anxiety every day. I was living in a constant state of fight or flight and neurofeedback helped me get a very strong baseline of calmness every day. I’m literally amazed at how it works and has stayed. Therapy, medications, but nothing has worked like neurofeedback. 

I highly recommend John and the team at The Balanced Brain and neurofeedback. They changed my life!

Joanna Theresa H.

I’ve been seeing John for Neurofeedback for a couple of months. I’ve had about 12 sessions so far. I echo everything other yelpers have posted about John. He is a gift. He is also incredibly adept at fine tuning Neurofeedback just for you and your issues. He’s great at helping you find “your zone” – that place where your brain and thinking slows down – like what deep meditation does.
From the very first conversation over the phone John impressed me as a very professional guy. I will keep you inform as we continue with his service.

I really hit the jackpot here — close to my house, compassionate, healing environment, and relief from my lifelong migraines. It has been worth every penny to feel human again.  Neurofeedback has also helped my stress and sleeping.

Candie L.


The Balanced Brain changed our lives! The entire team is remarkable, professional and have a wealth of knowledge to share. I can’t say enough good things about the individualized care they give my son.

John has gone above and beyond to ensure my son gets the specific treatments he needs in an environment that is safe, comfortable and above all, caring. Without going into details about why my son started his sessions here, I will tell you that within a short amount of time we saw real, lasting changes. He no longer experiences crippling emotional states. He’s focused, in control. It has improved our family dynamic and our lives in ways I cannot begin to express – except to say that starting our sessions with

John has been the BEST decision I have ever made as a parent. On top of all that, during this crazy time of COVID, they provide a clean and safe environment to continue treatment.  I’d give 10 stars if I could.

Roseanne H.


I have suffered from frequent, severe, debilitating migraines for the last 20 years. After trying literally EVERY treatment, supplement, and “cure” out there, I began doing neurofeedback with John at The Balanced Brain. As a huge skeptic, I never expected it to work and would sit there with the sensors on my head thinking, “Well, this is ridiculous.” But I’ve gone though 35 sessions and it has decreased my migraine occurrences and severity DRAMATICALLY.

And this isn’t some hokey meditation technique, this is actual science going on. There’s also been other benefits such as better sleep and cognitive ability.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with John. I’ve lost hundreds of work hours & personal hours to migraine pain that I’ll never get back.

John has truly changed my life. (And he’s a really great guy) Don’t let a brain disorder like migraines or depression dictate your life! Please call John today.

Whitney B.


Before I met with John, my life was a wreck. Since our first e-mail exchange he has showed nothing but compassion for my military service and conditions. I couldn’t focus, sleep, remain happy or at peace before I started doing NFB. 11 sessions in and I want to cry thinking of the progress I have made! I am happy, energetic, positive and myself AGAIN. I can’t believe I was missing out on this for years. John saved my life in so many ways. He is also very flexible and works with your schedule. NFB works! I will never take medication again. Thank you for this life-changing experience!!!

Kellie J.

John is a joy to work with. He is upbeat, fun, non-judgmental and willing to explore. If you want to reduce stress, improve focus, dive deep into emotional issues, or just maximize your performance and enjoyment of life, neurofeedback is an invaluable tool. I was going to wait until I completed all my sessions before posting a review, but I’ve already benefited so much that I wanted to write something now. I’ve been telling all my friends to work with John or if they don’t live in LA to find a practitioner near them.

I’m a physician and most folks in my profession tend to be close-minded about alternative therapies, but neurofeedback is very powerful, validated, and even recommended by some medical organizations.

Neurofeedback is akin to an accelerated form of meditation practice and I’m exploring various protocols with John to continue to be more present, engaged, and connected in the world.

Tap M.