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Our mission is to unlock your brain’s full potential and guide you toward a state of balance and harmony.  Meet our exceptional team of dedicated experts passionate about promoting brain health and cognitive wellness. 

We are all experts in offering evidence-based solutions and compassionate support throughout your brain health journey.

At The Balanced Brain, we firmly believe in a comprehensive approach to brain wellness, so we continuously stay updated with the latest neurofeedback techniques and evidence-based practices. This ensures we can offer you the most effective and personalized solutions. Check out our individual profiles to get acquainted with the faces behind our mission. Learn more about our backgrounds, areas of expertise, and genuine dedication to helping you achieve optimal brain function and mental well-being.

John Mekrut - The Balanced Brain Team
Terah Chesbro - The Balanced Brain Team

Terah Chesbro

Director of Clinical Services

Madison MacEocain - The Balanced Brain Team

Madison MacEocain

Coaching Program Director

LOS ANGELES Neurofeedback Therapists

Nooshin Heikali - The Balanced Brain Team

Nooshin Heikali


Liani Ruiz - The Balanced Brain Team

Liani Ruiz


Sophie Wilks 2

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