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The mental health challenges you are struggling with can be overcome. The medications you have been offered, or are taking, will not cure your problems, they just cover up your symptoms.

There is a better way, an approach which addresses the root cause, changing the way your brain itself operates. Our integrative program combines evidence based neurofeedback technologies with transformative health coaching to support you in improving all facets of your life. Our Integrated Care Providers, are skilled professionals determined to leave no stone unturned in your journey to best function.

You weren’t born this way. It doesn’t have to be your future.

Neurofeedback Training in Los Angeles, CA

Our Neurofeedback Training Program

Brain circuit training with neurofeedback is our primary focus.

Since nutrition and lifestyle, proper sleep hygiene, belonging to a community and spiritual awareness all impact your brain health, we have resources to help you in all of them.

In addition to our highly trained neurotherapists, our basic program includes working with our transformative health coach, skilled in a variety of techniques, for one on one support to help you implement new or ongoing wellness startegies.

Should you need additional professional insights, our Integrated Care Providers are an additional level of support.

Together we design and implement an individualized program to revitalize and improve your resiliency and self-regulation with a holistic approach to address the root causes of what challenges you.


Neurotherapy works in the pre-conscious world of brain function, where the habits laid down by years or decades of experiences have programmed you to respond with behaviors you would like to be different. With gentle but persuasive training, your brain can be guided to discover new response pathways unreachable by other means.

Mood Issues


Focus & Attention

Sleep Problems

Immunological Challenges


Pain Management

Neurological Issues

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At The Balanced Brain, we firmly believe in a comprehensive approach to brain wellness, so we continuously stay updated with the latest neurofeedback techniques and evidence-based practices. This ensures we can offer you the most effective and personalized solutions. Delve into our team profiles to get acquainted with the faces behind our mission. Learn more about their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and genuine dedication to helping you achieve optimal brain function and mental well-being.


neurofeedback training Los Angeles

Neurofeedback Training

With our personalized training plan and cutting-edge techniques, you can achieve enhanced focus, memory, mood, and cognitive performance naturally and safely.

Neuromodulation Technlogies


Our advanced technique records your brain activity at lightning speed, revealing how different areas of your brain communicate and connect.

health and wellness coaching

Health & Wellness

Work with our coach on diet and lifestyle, sleep hygiene, Heart Rate Variability training, and accountability.

deep state training

Deep State Training

This advanced training technique is designed to enhance the client’s relaxation response, facilitating the processing of deep emotional issues and leading to profound healing and personal growth.

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Not just feel better! The best performance of your brain requires the functional integration of your mind and body. Our goal is to have you functioning at your peak as quickly as possible — life awaits!