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Health is an investment

Attaining true health can be a challenging and expensive undertaking. Doctors, laboratory testing, organic foods, water purifiers, environmental toxin abatement, they all add up.

But compare that with the cost of being ill. Struggling through your day, always feeling anxious, sleep problems, stress, focus and attention issues, mood swings, gut challenges (which affect your brain)– a system that’s just not working properly. Not allowing you to be your at your best.

Our program here at The Balanced Brain can help you get a better handle on all the things you may need to do to get better and stay better. Better than you have been in years, or perhaps ever.

It’s an investment in the rest of your life!

Our integrative approach is intended to address both the known and unknown health issues that challenge your best performance. Neurofeedback training works to configure the subconscious brain circuits that give rise to symptoms you notice, and other aspects of your health platform often need to be addressed as well.

We include Functional Medicine Health Coaching in our training program, to help discern and advise you on nutrition and lifestyle imbalances that are affecting your brain health and our success with you using neurofeedback.

We will work with you to address those issues, if they are evident, and refer you to other professionals in our network of Integrated Care Providers if more help is needed. Additional costs will accrue for those services.

qEEG brain mapping is one of our primary evaluative tools. It is a 19-channel quantitative electroencephalogram to evaluate your current brain activity and reveal areas of connectivity challenge. It is done in-house and includes a 15-page report which is reviewed with you on Zoom.  This allows us to tailor a personalized and specific neurofeedback training plan for your brain.

Neurofeedback Therapy Costs

Our program is subscription model based, it requires dedication on your part to regularly come for training sessions.  It is incremental and cumulative over time, much like a gym membership, your results cannot be predetermined.  The qEEG mapping of your brain gives us some mathematical projections of how many hours you may need, but restorative sleep, proper nutrition and psycho-spiritual stability all play a vital role in re-balancing your brain.

We Do Not Accept Insurance, but we offer financing options. Click here to learn more.

Get Your Energy, Motivation & Health Back For The Life You Truly Want!

Talk to me if you are...

  • Missing out on life because you’re constantly tired

  • Dealing with debilitating mood swings

  • Suffering from crushing brain fog, poor memory, or depression

  • Feeling constantly stressed and emotionally overwrought

  • Yearning for restful, restorative sleep

How many hours do I need?

The qEEG outlines a very detailed and specific set of protocols, what sites, what frequencies and, importantly, what duration of time is needed.  We will then have a good idea of how many total hours you may need.

Based on our experience, 40 to 60 hours of training over 3-4 months of regular attendance is a reasonable expectation.

When will I know it’s working?

Every brain is different and responds uniquely to the training. Some folks notice improvements quickly, 5 or 6 sessions, and for others, perhaps a bit longer.

By the time you’ve done the first 20 hours you will perceive shifts and know you’re on the right track.  Our team of professionals will confer with you every step of the way, before, during and after training sessions to monitor our protocols and make adjustments as needed.  It’s a dialogue with you, our client. Your feedback (pun intended) is vital.

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