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What Makes The Balanced Brain Different

What makes The Balanced Brain Program Different?

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The core message of our program is that no wellness program, brain health or otherwise, works in a vacuum. Descartes was wrong, all your systems are integrated, your brain, your mind and your body. To achieve optimal health, each must be attended to so that they perform at their best, so you can perform at your best.  That is why the values of integrative and functional medicine resonate throughout our program.  Our Integrated Care Providers can provide higher levels of care when needed.

Your body must be hydrated, get the vital nutrients it needs and get deep restorative sleep so it can naturally remove waste products from the day’s tasks and refresh itself for tomorrow. 

Your brain, since it is connected to your body, also has to be properly supplied with the raw materials it needs to function and be well rested, so it can, with confidence, support you in carrying out your daily tasks.

Your psychospiritual life must be balanced as well. Your mind, brimming with positivity and well balanced. An intentional spiritual life, whatever that may look like, that gives your life meaning. 


qEEG Brain Mapping

Here at The Balanced Brain, it is done entirely in-house by our Program Director, Terah Chesbro, from acquisition to analysis.

  • Your data never leaves our clinic and is never seen by a third party. 
  • Our analytic process is entirely manual, Terah reviews the raw data, minute by minute, and deletes artifacts (eye blinks and teeth clenching, for example) by hand.  Other companies can use computer algorithms for this task. We value the direct observation method.
  • We employ both a normative database of high performing individuals, not a clinical population, to which we base our comparisons of your brain activity and an individual (your brain only) analysis of power spectra of each measured location. Included is a source analysis map showing Brodmann areas of interest.

Protocol Planning

  • Also done entirely in-house and manual.  No algorithmically generated protocols, calculated by a computer that has never met you!
  • Planned session by session, never in advance, to account for individual responses to training variables of the prior session.  That’s why we rely on your input, it is always about “How do you feel?” It also allows us to change protocols to address in the moment challenges (coming in with a headache, poor sleep last night) to promote best outcomes.

Cognitive Assessment

  • We use a state-of-the-art platform, Creyos, to get a baseline portrait of your cognitive function. Any challenges are used comparatively to your qEEG results for correlation.


Functional Neurofeedback 

That’s what we call it. Because it is not just about changing mathematical values (they do change) but about changing the way your brain takes in information, processes it and calculates probabilities of best outcomes of your actions.  How you function in the real world! It’s what your brain has been doing since the day you born and will until the day you die. Always learning and updating. Improving its function, we help it find its best performance.

What gives you symptoms, it’s a long list, is that your brain, for whatever reason, has fallen into bad habits, making calculations on inadequate or erroneous information and drawing the wrong conclusions (inefficient and misguided behaviors).  Neurofeedback allows your brain to identify where it is going awry and show it how to replace those inefficient habits with more efficient ones, better aligned with your purpose. Like any learning, it just takes some time.


Health and Wellness Coaching

A vital element of our program here is the work of Madison MacEocain, the Director of Health Coaching. Her certifications include therapeutic coaching, functional medicine, nutrition, amino acid therapy, heart rate variability, yoga and meditation, just to name a few.

  • Two hours with you, reviewing your intake paperwork to discern where improvements can be made in your nutrition, sleep hygiene and other wellness items. 
  • Four follow-up sessions over the succeeding weeks on Zoom to guide you through making changes, if needed, to improve identified areas of concern. A personalized road map to wellness.


Our work here is to help you see the integrated nature of your existence.  Neurotherapy alone is not a “fix”. It is a potent tool, a direct communication with your brain, one that helps guide it from knee-jerk, reactive patterns of behavior into more modulated, more functional ones. It works best when surrounded and supported by other healing modalities.  That’s why we do what we do, to help you heal.

Schedule a discovery call today if you want to learn more about how we can help you achieve optimum health and well-being. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and start designing a custom treatment plan that’s just right for you. During this call, we can discuss your symptoms and questions and develop a tailored plan.

Neurofeedback in Los Angeles

The Balanced Brain offers neurofeedback training to improve cognitive abilities and overall brain health in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. 

11650 Riverside Dr Suite 4, North Hollywood, CA 91602, United States

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