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Madison MacEocain

Functional Medicine Health Coach

I am the Coaching Program Director at the prominent neurofeedback center in North Hollywood, CA, The Balanced Brain. I assist our clients in navigating the process of developing and synchronizing lifestyle changes to sustain neurofeedback therapy and enhance outcomes. My lifelong sensitivity to the well-being of others shaped my approach to coaching, best characterized by stepping into their shoes and seeing the world through their eyes. This enables me to meet the clients where they are better to guide them through meaningful lifestyle transformation. 

My own health crisis magnified the realization of the enormous gap in the traditional Health and Wellness Industry, which typically dissects people into diagnostic parts. I fill that gap by collaborating with clients as a Whole Person, not a diagnosis. I bring a unique approach to lifestyle coaching by weaving the totality of my experience with health challenges, combined with ongoing learning in Neuroscience, Therapeutic Coaching, Yoga, Energy Balancing, and Functional Eating.

“We are complex and elegant in design, a galaxy of connections from the ends of our hair to the tip of our toes. Given the proper tools and support, anything and everything is possible.”

Madison MacEocain - The Balanced Brain Team

Madison MacEocain,
Functional Medicine Health Coach
FMHCA, CGP, HeartMath Coach & Mentor, 500 RYT

Education & Certifications

  • Certified Therapeutic Coach -Optimum Health Clinic
  • Health and Wellness Coach by the Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Functional Nutrition Coach by Functional Nutrition Alliance
  • Brain Health Specialist by Amen Clinics 
  • Amino Acid Therapist by The Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition
  • Certified Gluten Practitioner by Dr. Tom O’Bryan 
  • HeartMath Coach/Mentor by the HeartMath Institute
  • Reiki Master
  • Yoga 500 RYT by Yoga Alliance