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John Mekrut

Founder, The Balanced Brain Neurofeedback Training Center

“Every client is a new challenge, and it is immensely gratifying to see their symptoms recede, to see their lives change in a few short months.”

I’m the father of two daughters, one of which is responsible for changing my career. She is on the autistic spectrum, and neurofeedback training helped her improve her self-regulation and stop taking medications. It was a wonderful transformation and set her on a path of success in school and life. My experience with her led me to train at the Othmer Institute in Woodland Hills with Sue and Siegfried Othmer, two pioneers in neurofeedback training. I received further training with Dr. David Kaiser in qEEG analysis and implementation of protocols.

I keep myself informed about the latest developments in neuroscience, attend professional development courses and am always looking to add elements of mind/body work to my practice. Since the brain does not work in a vacuum, I encourage proper nutrition, sleep habits, and behavioral changes that will aid in the work of properly re-regulating a dysregulated brain.

My primary responsibility is to promote the integrative, holistic approach we value here at The Balanced Brain.

Healing from mental health challenges requires a multi-pronged program addressing all aspects of a client’s life, brain, body, and spirit. Best outcomes are achieved by addressing all three.

We partner with other relevant healthcare professionals to construct a team that can propel our clients to their best performance.

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John Mekrut

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Other things to know about me are that I love science fiction (books and movies), I am hooked on the Discovery Channel, I am a skilled woodworker and have made much of the furniture in my home. I am a passable cook (my wife is a an excellent chef) and currently follow a Primal/Paleo diet. I’m a good power napper, it recharges my batteries.

I do neurofeedback training as often as I can, especially deep state Synchrony and Alpha Theta training, as I pursue my own spiritual path.